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Learning by doing

"Tell me and I'll forget, show me and I may remember involve me and I'll understand." _Confucius

Technology is a tool

We prefer to create and master our tools instead of being subjected to them. Computers can store, process, receive and transmit information. We use these capacities the way we need & like it to communicate, and solve problems in a creative way.


To fight digital divide, making information technologies accessible and understandable by everyone is a requirement. Thanks to its superpowers, Jerry can break cultural, social, and economical barriers down.

Open knowledge

Ideas nourrish from other ideas, we want to demonstrate that sharing and exchanging knowledge is far more powerful than keeping it private. Our goal is to facilitate the sharing of knowlegde to empower the community so that people can learn from each others instead of being isolated learners.

Remix everything

Because everything is a remix !

Have FUN !

We enjoy doing what we do when we do it :)

Do It Together

Jerry is not a standardized object. It evolves with the contributions of the authors and actors of its open community. Every gathering is an opportunity to stimulate creativity and exchange knowledge in a Peer-to-Peer manner.

Free software

GNU/Linux is created following Hacking Ethic Principles. Both values and organisationnal model inspire us as they bring a new consciousness and resources for our connected world. We promote free as in freedom software.


Electronic waste harm both the people and our environment. The biggest part of the overall footprint happens during manufacturing process. We use and resuse electronic hardware as long as we can to limit this negative impact. Let's make value out of the waste around us!

Distributed networks

The distribution of the autority on the nodes of a network makes it more resilient.


In a complex environment one need to constantly adapt to survive. We encourage grass roots initiatives to rise up and to fall into the promising unkown of making new things! Therefore we prefer flexibility and ad hoc collaboration over planning and hierarchy.

Are you curious? Read the JerryClan News!

JerryClans in action !


We organise open workshops where neophytes and experts build Jerrys together in a convivial atmosphere. Everyone is welcome to join us to learn and share according to our values. There is plenty to do to make a Jerry : assembling hardware, installing software, customizing the box to give a true and unique personnality to your Jerry.

Public presentations

Jerry is exposed in public events related to open source, free software, DIY, collaborative production, upcycling, and many more topics! Check the agenda to meet members of the community away from your keyboard :)



Hedera + ENSCI = Jerry !

Jerry is born in Paris as a collaboration between Hedera Technology, a startup founded by Antoine Castaing and Jérémie Bourdoncle, and 3 design students from ENSCI : Laure Guillou, Xavier Auffret and Chemsedine Herriche.

The goal was to explore new ways to produce servers in a more responsible way. Among other interesting prototypes, Jerry was the cheapest and easiest frame to replicate. We founded a non-profit organization ("loi 1901") to push the adventure further.


Doing It Together

Jerry experienced its attractive superpower during the workshops organized in Paris. Gathering people from tech to artist and eco-minded communities was revealed as part of its nature. Jerry also flew to Innov'Africa where he inspired some local tech activists.

Thanks to Afriworkers and free software communities mobilization, the first Jerry born overseas was made in Yamoussoukro, Ivory Coast.

That led us to the organization of two one-week-long workshops in Algiers in December.


Building a network of sharing

Sharing to foster a culture of remix and innovation in a network where everyone can learn and teach practical knowledge about information technology. The more people will make their own Jerry, the more inspiration and improvements will come up!



They build a lightweight GNU/Linux distribution that runs like a charm on Jerry

Open Bidouille Camp

Open parties dedicated to DIY projects


They kickstarted the JerryClan in Ivory Coast


They kickstarted the JerryClan in Togo


They co-organized a Jerry workshop at ESI Algiers


Hosted the first Jerry workshop in Paris!


We are fueled by the same energy


Jerry won the 2011 edition of this challenge focused on information technologies for developement.

Open Minds

They co-organized a Jerry workshop at USTHB Algiers

AUF Algérie

They warmly welcomed Jerry in Algiers


We share the same vision of freedom

Gust Trip

They turn images and sound into magic to tell inspiring stories

Bottle Dream

Happy interview with Kenny


They spread the power of DIY solutions


They highlight changemakers around the world

Kiss Kiss Bank Bank

They bring creative projects to life with crowdfunding

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a server?

A server is basically made of the same components as a computer. We usually call "server" a computer that we interact with remotly through the network in place of a screen and a keyboard. Therefore a server needs to be constantly switched on and connected to the internet to be accessible.

What software can I use?

We encourage you to use any free software available that suits your needs. Today free softwares cover a large range of use cases. We listed some applications you can install on Jerry. Hope it will inspire you!

Why a jerrycan?

A jerrycan proves to have several advantages : cheap, easy to find, easy to customize, easy to adapt to your components from various size, transportable,... But we don't consider that the jerrycan is an immutable aspect of the project. We invite you to remix it!

How long does it takes to build a Jerry?

The right question should be what do you want to achieve with your Jerry and how much energy are you willing to put into the adventure?

How to manage overheating?

A jerrycan might not look like the best solution to cool the heating parts. You will have to worry about heating depending on the context where your Jerry will run and the power of your hardware setup. Different solution are implemented, from air vent for passive cooling to huge fans in the facade. Your immagination is the limit!

Haven't made your Jerry yet?

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